Job Evaluation SystemMethodology & Process

This is a point-factor methodology system to evaluate on-line any type of jobs. It starts identifying the job category that each position belongs with a click in the box that better describe the nature of the job activities. Then you follow the same process evaluating the job considering the factors and levels defined for each job category considering the different types of job responsibilities and professional requirements.


This point system methodology assigns a different weight and score for each factor and level that is totalized for the position. Based on the final evaluation score obtained, the system will automatically project and display a salary range based on the market data including salary administration guidelines.


The salary ranges include information about the spread used for each job, the Minimum, Q1, Median (50th), Q3, and the Maximum salary parameters as well as the estimated Total Cash Compensation.

Once you evaluate all your jobs you can consolidate the information and use it as a salary structure for your organization.